Our greenest of the green Humate application is the best kept secret in Lawn Care. Humate can be applied any time of year, not only to the lawn but to the landscape beds as well, providing rich healthy soil for those valuable and expensive plants and flowers.

What is Humate?

Humate Soil Conditioner is 6,000 year old organic matter that is mined from the soil. It revives soil at the chemical and biological level to produce an increase in soil fertility and microbial activity necessary for a healthy lawn. Humate is comprised of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, which are proven to build organic matter in soils, stimulate the beneficial microbial activity that makes the soil “living”.

Why use Humate?

Humates is a faster and more cost effective way to enhance your lawn’s health. One application of humate soil conditioner is the equivalent of applying ½ inch of a high quality organic compost over the surface of the lawn.

Applying Humate in conjunction with our hybrid lawn program, proper watering and proper mowing, will result in a dark green and lush lawn. Humate achieves a greener lawn without causing the grass to grow faster as it helps release beneficial nutrients from the soil that are otherwise unavailable to the grass. Humate cause vital nutrients that are tied up in the soil like Nitrogen, Iron, Potassium, etc, to be made available to the plants and grass, so it can be use make healthy landscape beds and trees as well.


  1. The humic acid found in Humate binds with heavy metals and other pollutants in the soil, keeping metals and pollutants from being absorbed by the plants. When plants do absorb soil pollutants, it can lead to unhealthy crops that may contain arsenic, lead, mercury, and other heavy and undesirable metals.
  2. Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and many other healthy nutrients are stored, transformed, and cycled through the soil. This natural cycle can be disrupted by harvesting, or by using mineral deficient soil. With the potency of humates found in our Humate and Organic apps, the cycle can be restored.
  3. We’re not sure if plants can feel happy, but if so, then promoting healthy, mineral­ rich soil would be the way to go. Healthy soil allows the plants to respond to significantly lower levels of water and fertilizer by improving the soil’s ability to retain them. Being able to retain water and fertilizer means a reduction the overall maintenance cost! Happy plants, happy you.

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